How to Permanently Delete Files from Android


When you delete a photo from your phone, you can still recover. With these applications you can delete any file forever.

When we turn on the phone or delete applications, the files are not deleted forever but remain in limbo from which can be saved. Why? Why to delete a file forever you must overwrite it multiple times, an operation that consumes the battery and resources.

But what if you want to sell your phone or give it away? And if it were to fall into the wrong hands? Your secrets could be in danger. The probability that someone take a look is low but you're willing to take that risk? If you prefer to stay quiet, so better to delete files forever.

Delete files forever with these apps

There are apps for Android that allow you to delete any file forever. They do it through secure deletion techniques that prevent document recovery.

My favorite is Secure Delete, simple app that removes all files in the internal memory or SD card. Does not require special permits nor the root.

Another very useful is Secure Wipe, which deletes all free space on your phone. The free space is where lie the remains of deleted files, and then the place where you can recover them.

To delete the files we will use Secure Delete. If you want to delete all data on the phone safely, move on to step 5.

1. Install Secure Delete on your phone

Secure Delete is a free application that resides on the Android market. Is compatible with Android 2.3 or higher (i.e. almost all Android phones) and occupies less than one megabyte.

2. Choose the file type you are searching for

Tap the icon to Secure Delete to open it. You'll see a list of folders that correspond to your phone memory.

Before you click the file, select type: photos, downloads, applications and SD card.

If you want to delete a photo, you should select the Picture Preview box, which will significantly facilitate the search.

3. Select the files you want to delete

Select the check boxes for files that you want to delete forever. You can sort the list alphabetically using the buttons above.

4. Secure file deletion confirmation

Hello? Are you sure? Then press green button Secure delete, at the bottom of the app.

Before starting the deletion you must confirm by typing a word (in this case, yes). This is a security measure to avoid erasing erroneous.

When you have finished writing the word and pressing OK, Secure Delete will delete the files. Remember that secure deletion is much slower than normal: multiple files you delete, the longer it will take to complete the task.

At the end, and only if you deleted your photos, Secure Delete will remind you to cancel even the thumbnails, which are usually found in the folder. thumbnails.

5. To delete all the phone safely, use Secure Wipe

Safe Delete is the ideal application delete files or folders, but not to delete the entire phone. If you're going to give away or sell your phone, you need to securely erase any phone.

To do this, reset the phone to factory settings (settings > Backup > factory reset) and then use Secure Wipe, wiping free space so that they do not remain traces of old files.

The process is very simple: select all options and press Start Wiping. Do it only when the phone is charging: secure deletion takes a long time.

Attention, sometimes deletion is not enough to be safe.

If the photos are synced to Google + or other services, then there will be a copy there too.

Another option to consider is to encode the phone. Others, like the authors of the prestigious program BleachBit, advised to physically destroy the disk before throwing it away.

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